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  A lonely budgie An integral element of species-appropriate budgie keeping is to provide the animal the opportunity of keeping social contacts virtually round the clock. That means spelled out: a solitary bird must not ever be left alone, not even for 30 minutes when you got to go get groceries, not to mention whole days 'cause there's a big family birthday party for example.


Group of budgies In their Australian natural habitat budgies live in flocks of enormous size. Virtually from the day of their hatching they are never alone, there are always many (hundreds to thousands) fellow budgies around them. Because of this fact budgies evolved in the course of time into very social beings who need permanent contact to other individuals to stay mentally healthy. What disastrous results loneliness and boredom can yield for a budgie's psyche is displayed by the many feather pickers amongst the budgies kept under inappropriate circumstances.

As in fact no human can always be there for his/her solitary bird, not 24 hours on 365 days a year, the most important need of the birds is not even rudimentarily supplied. Therefore there is no way you can call solitary budgie keeping appropriate to the species. Only (at least) one fellow budgie can provide the permanent companionship, as the bird doesn't have to go to the barber's, to the bank or to work but is constantly there for its feathered friend.

Without any doubt the complex of topics concerning species-appropriate budgie keeping is by far not extensively explained with this. There are many more aspects which are touched in the different chapters of this whole website project.

German version of this text: Gaby Schulemann-Maier,
translation of this chapter: Tanni

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