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  Budgie's healthEven though most bird keepers don't like the idea of their loved ones being sick, their budgies or other pet birds can become seriously ill. And in the worst case this may happen within a few hours. There is a large number of diseases that can affect budgies and other pet birds. In this category you can find information about the most frequent diseases that affect budgies and other small pet birds.

One thing you should always be aware of is: If a pet bird obviously feels sick or shows symptoms of a disease, you should take the bird to an avian vet as soon as possible! The blood circulation of small birds is weak and even a slight infection can weaken them much. In case a sick bird isn't treated quickly the disease can be deadly.

Reading the content of this category of Birds Online is fine, but you should always contact a vet if one of your birds seems to be ill! Let's point this out: This category should serve as a source of information for responsible bird keepers who want to take care for their sick bird in the best way.

Despite the general opinion that visiting a vet is highly expensive and often fruitless, the opposite is true. I believe that a beloved pet's life cannot be countervailed with money! Just think about how much you spent on cigarettes, chocolate or for a dinner in a fancy restaurant - and then imagine how it would be abstaining from another night out for saving your pet bird's life! All people who own pets should bear in mind that those lovely creatures will possibly become sick one day - and cause some costs and trouble. It is true that taking a bird to a vet can be exhausting for the bird itself and for the owner. But in many, many cases there is no other way to save a sick bird's life.

An important note regarding the pictures shown in this category
Some of the photos that are shown here figure birds who are seriously ill or injured. I took those photos from some distant by using strong lenses without disturbing the animals shown in the pictures. I hereby declare that no bird had to suffer for the photos; I didn't harm any of the birds you can see in this category. And since my birds are used to my camera they do not fear it. Also the other authors who allowed me to publish their pictures in this category declared that they didn't harm any sick or injured bird while taking the photos. So none of the photos in this category meant any risk for the shown animals.

Photos wanted!
If you own photos of sick birds and if you want to make them available for illustration purposes, please mail me. You would help many budgie owners by publishing your photos here because one pic tells more than a thousand words!

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