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  While taking pictures for the chapters of Birds Online, I got some wonderful snapshots within the last years. These pics almost seemed to invite me to do something humorous from them. Have fun with this not really serious chapter of my web project.

Gone crazy...
Gone crazy...

Birds love grass (seeds)
Grass consumption
Health experts warn:
Excessive grass consumption can make high!

Impudent gesture
Bad finger
When budgies secretly show the "bad finger"...

A lady's problem
A lady's problem
"Oh no, this horrible nail color is not yet dry.
I will surely be too late for the party!"

Recently in front of the discotheque
Recently in front of the discotheque
Again no access...

Experiment with the mating
From the Kama Sutra
Him: "...and now I have to..., erm, darling, what should I do now?"
Her: "You have to stretch yourself horizontally behind me, horizontally I said! Would you please be so kind to hurry up a little bit? I already get a headache from hanging around like that!"
Him: "I keep on trying the whole time! Crazy Kama Sutra, I guess this position will never be fun!"

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