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  The majority of the specialized books concerning budgies knows to report that the small parrots live in monogamy. Since I met my budgie Rudi, I can only laugh about this "fact" from the bird's life. Rudi seems to be irresistible to all budgie ladies who approach him - and he always takes his chance. Obviously, Rudi didn't read one of the above mentioned books, so far and doesn't know anything about monogamy...

Rudi and Icarus
Look into my eyes, dear! - Rudi and the timid Icarus

Rudi and Eule
Oh baby, you are so beautiful! - Rudi and Eule,
who was eight years older than him

Rudi and Rana
Kiss me, my darling! - Rudi and Rana

Rudi and Larissa
Simply enjoy it, honey! - Rudi and Larissa

Rudi and Sirius
Hello, my fair lady! - Rudi and Sirius

Rudi and Pepi
Love, you are as green as I am! - Rudi
(right) and feathered vacationer Pepi

Rudi and Rübe
No comment - Rudi and Rübe

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