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The author with budgie RanaGaby Schulemann-Maier
physicist and journalist

Kaninenberghöhe 60a
D-45136 Essen

Even though it was my dream to provide all German chapters of my web-site in English, too, I didn't find the time to translate the stuff. In August 2004 some other bird lovers offered me their help and immediately started to work. My thanks go to: Claudia Neumann, Belgium. She translated some chapters in the nutrition category. Heike Wanner, Switzerland, translated a chapter in the chapter "General facts". Stefanie Demandt, Germany, did the translation of a chapter in the health section. Tanni translated the chapter called "One or many Budgies?". And Melanie Ebenhoch also did a great job, she translated the whole health category about parasite infestation. Roman and Ales Tronicek did some translations for the chapter about general information.

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