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  Nellie on her way to my budgies In this category you cand find the websites of all the budgies I ever owned or who are still living in my bird room.

Besides my present flock I also introduce one bird I owned only for a little while. I gave this hen away after finding a fondly new home for her. But she is not out of reach, I still have contact to her new owners (my parents) and I am absolutely sure that the she is well.

I share my home with four lovely budgies at the moment; two of them are male and two are female. My budgies live in a room that is reserved only for them. They can fly around the whole day long. The "furniture" of this chamber is chosen after their taste: large swings made from natural twigs, branches they can climb on and of course a lot of natural toys. In the evening, my birds move into their cages by their own will and decision. They are used to their cages as safe resting places and not as a prison.

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