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  Nyjer seedsNyjer seeds belongs to group of the oilseeds because of its fat content of about 35 %. Other popular names are niger seeds or thistle and one can find these tiny seeds in many winter bird food mixtures. But also many pet birds such as budgies like to eat nyjer seeds. The plant that produces these tiny seeds is the African yellow daisy (Guizotia abyssinica) which is native to Ethiopia and other countries in this part of Africa.

Many common seed mixtures for budgies do not contain nyjer seeds. Due to the fact that they contain about 18 % of proteins, these seeds are quite healthy and therefore adding them to your bird's food is a good idea. Please note that the proportionate amount of nyjer seeds regarding the total amount of food should not be more than 5 %. In case you add other oilseeds to the bird food, the same rule is valid: More than 5 % of oilseeds are not recommendable.

Please note that many small pet birds first have to get used to nyjer seeds. Sometimes it takes a while until they eat this food.

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