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  Unroasted sesame seedsUnroasted sesame is a nourishing additional food for budgies and other small pet birds. In most common seed mixtures, one cannot find sesame because it contains a lot of fat. Served as a special goodie in small quantities, it is a healthy treat especially for pet birds who are underweight. But please note that oilseeds such as sesame should never make more than 5% of the daily diet of a small bird. Also bear that in mind if you offer your pet birds other oilseeds like flax seeds or nyjer seed. All together, sesame and other oilseeds should not be more than 5% of the total amount of food per day. It is advisable to buy only small quantities of sesame at once. Sesame cannot be stored for long, it becomes rancid quickly. You should never offer rancid seeds to your birds because they can harm your pet's health.

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