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  Dear visitors of Birds Online,

I have decided to inform you about news and new chapters at this place in the future. To be honest there will not be so many new chapters because translating the German stuff into English takes a whole lot of time - time I hardly have because I have to work quite a lot. But I will of course not forget the page visitors from overseas and keep on working.

Gaby Schulemann-Maier

  • In loving memory of Indira09/26/2013: Another sad Goodbye... Yesterday I lost the fight for Indira's life. My beloved little budgie lady became seriously ill last week and I took her to an avian vet who is one of the best in my country. But even his efforts couldn't prevent the inevitable. Indira was a very special bird because when I first met her she was unable to move her legs and there was nearly no hope that she would ever lead a life of her own. I trained her muscles with her and she was a very keen patient. Therefore very soon she could move her legs and she officially became a member of my little flock then. When whe
  • did this training, we bonded and she loved to be caressed. She trusted me so deeply that she even slept in my hand. I will miss my little friend. Thank you for everything, dear Indira.

  • 08/22/2013: Here in Central Europe, many berries start to ripe these days. Therefore I placed some new and better photos in the chapters about wild berries which are a very healthy food for pet birds. Also I added a chapter about one sort of berries which is poisonous for pet birds: common ivy. These berries will be ripe in winter, but you should not use them as food for your pet birds.

  • 08/18/2013: You may not notice it, but in the background I'm constantly working on the improvement of Birds Online. Today I have added some more information to the chapter about proper food storage.

  • In memory of Woodstock08/11/2013: Again it's time to say farewell to a beloved feathered friend. Yesterday my dear Woodstock passed away without being ill or feeling unwell in advance. He showed no sign of discomfort, even not in the hours before his death. When I found his corpse it seemed as if he were asleep. Since Woodstock was quite old I think his heart stopped beating because of infirmity. It gives me comfort that he didn't have to suffer a painful disease and passed away peacefully surrounded by his friends. I miss you so much, dear Woodstock. Thank you for your trust and your friendship. We had some wonderful years together, didn't we?

  • 02/10/2013: Birds Online got a brandnew banner today. It's true that you can find lots of information about budgies here (especially in the German section). But Birds Online also shows photos of other bird species such as my Linnies. Therefore it's time for the next step: showing my budgie's friends in the logo.

  • 12/30/2012: Today I have published some new photos in the chapter that deals with food parasites.

  • 12/28/2012: Once again I've worked on the chapters about fresh food from nature. There are several new photos which replace older ones and there is a new chapter about Meadow sage.

  • 12/16/2012: After a long while, you can find some news here. I'm sorry for this long pause. I've been seriously ill this year and therefore I couldn't work on my web project Birds Online. But finally I have recovered - and here is today's news: There is a new chapter about chamomile as a food plant in the nutrition section of Birds Online.

  • In loving memory of Tamlin01/16/2012: This morning, my birds all felt quite well and when I went to work, I didn't expect to make such a sad discovery this evening. After I have returned back home, I found my beloved little feathered friend Tamlin dead. He was lying on the floor as if he was asleep. As it seems to me, he died peacefully. Tamlin was very, very old and most probably he died because he was senile. He didn't have to suffer any pain - this thought gives me some comfort even though I already miss him so much. He was always kind and cheerful, such a lovely little guy. I hope he enjoyed living in my bird room. Thanks for the wonderful two years we had together, my little friend. I will never forget you!

  • In memory of Bubi09/18/2011: All good things come to an end - this saying came true two days ago when my beloved budgie Bubi died after he has been at my place for many years. We had a fantastic time, I really loved him much. He passed away because he regrettably suffered from a sudden liver failure which has most probably been caused by a tumour. I couldn't do anything to save Bubi's life. He was just six years old when he died. Losing him so shortly after Pollux, see below, terribly hurts. The one thing I hope is that Bubi's soul maybe met Phoebe, his wife who died a few weeks ago. They have been a happy couple for so long. Maybe they're together again now.

  • Farewell, dear Pollux09/09/2011: It's so unfair... Again I had to say Goodbye to a beloved feathered friend. Yesterday I went to my avian vet who put Pollux to sleep. My poor budgie suffered from a testicular tumour which grew quite fast during the last few days what caused severe problems: Pollux was hardly able to breathe yesterday. That's why I decided to let him go. I didn't want to see him suffer. Therefore it was the last resort to take this hard decision. Pollux was a very friendly and cheerful little guy. Even though he's away for only nearly 24 hours now, I terribly miss hin.

  • In memory of Fralie07/30/2011: When it rains, it pours... This saying is so true as I can tell you in these hard times. Just a few days ago I have lost my beloved Phoebe. And suddenly Fralie's health status changed, she suffered from seizures and a swelling in her abdomen occured - most probably a tumour. Today she could hardly breathe and she seemed to suffer from pain. That's why I took her to a vet, but there was no hope for my lovely little feathered friend. Fralie has been put to sleep this morning and it broke my heart to see her dying. I miss you so much, dear Fralie.

  • In loving memory of Phoebe07/23/2011: After a very long time I have some news again - sad news indeed. Yesterday I had to meet a vet and let her put my beloved Phoebe to sleep. Poor Phoebe suffered from a tumour that destroyed her upper beak. It was broke a few days ago and all attempts to save Phoebe's life were in vain. Therefore it was better to stop this suffering even though it was hard for me to say Goodbye. Dear Phoebe, I miss you so much!

  • 02/06/2011: A friend of mine works as a veterinary assistant and last week she took some photos of x-ray images of a female budgie who has become egg bound. Sylvia made these photos available for my website, so I have to say thank you very much! These pictures can be seen in the chapter about egg binding.

  • 01/08/2011: Do you know how your bird's sternum should look and how you can use it as a sign for underweight? If not, please feel free to visit the anatomy chapter about the sternum. I have published a new photo whithin this chapter today.

  • 12/25/2010: I wish you all a Merry Christmas and I hope you and your feathered friends are having a nice time. Me and my birds, we're actually enjoying the holidays. And today I also had some time to translate another German health chapter into English. It dealts with eye injuries and tells you what to do in case they occur.

  • 12/11/2010: In the meantime, I've lost two mor birds: Shiva and Aditi. They have been seriously ill. Poor Shiva died from two tumours in his belly and Aditi had some kind of infection. My vet wanted to find out which germs were responsible for her poor health. Right after he has taken smears from her crop and vent, Aditi suffered a seizure and died within seconds. It was so terrible... Since diseases - or their prevention - are so important, I have added a new photo and a video in the chapter about cold and sneeze today.

    Farewell, dear Shiva  Farewell, dear Aditi

  • Farewell, dear Bob11/08/2010: It's unbelievable. Just a few weeks ago, I've lost Milla due to a kidney tumour. And now... Bob began to show the first symptoms of a severe kidney disease two days ago. Since it happened on a weekend, I had to wait until today. When I took him to my avian vet, I already felt that it would most probably be the last thing I could do for him. After the examination my vet told me that there was no hope since Bob had a severe kindey disease, a tumour like Milla. That's why I had no other chance than to let him go. Dear Bob, I hope you know that putting you to sleep was hard for me even though it was the last resort. And I hope you enjoyed living in my bird room for nearly one year. I will miss you, my dear little friend.

  • Farewell Milla10/23/2010: Dear Milla, I'm so sad that I've lost the fight. Your kidney tumour was too bad, my vet and I couldn't save your life. Even though we would have prefered to see you living we had to let you go. I hope you know that putting you to sleep was hard for me and that I wanted to show you my love that way. I couldn't stand the thought of you suffering from terrible pain due to the tumour. Did you have a good time in my little flock? When you arrived here about 3.5 years ago, you were so scared. Your former owner didn't take much care of you. Hopefully you felt how much I loved you and wanted you to be happy. Milla, I will never forget you.

  • 05/25/2010: After a long while I have finally found the time to publish a new photo in the English section of Birds Online. It shows a male budgie who suffers from a hormonal disorder due to an unknown cause. His cere is coloured brown instead of blue as you can see in the gallery of male budgies.

  • 04/11/2010: There is a new photo in the chapter about crop infections and one in the gallery showing birds who suffer from burrowing mites.

  • Tamlin02/11/2010: In January, another new bird moved into my bird room. Tamlin is an elderly budgie who is handicapped in different ways. He suffers from arthrosis in his feet and he is unable to fly. One of his wings is damaged and since I know nothing about his past, I can't tell whether the wing has been broken or not. Despite all his handicaps, Tamlin is a very cheerful budgie and I hope he will live on for a long time in my bird room.  





  • Bob01/27/2010: One month ago, a new budgie moved into my bird room. And now I have finally translated his homepage into English. Please feel free to meet Bob, the friendly and regrettably flightless budgie.








  • 01/16/2010: There are some nice new pictures in the gallery of the chapter "against solitary keeping".

  • 12/20/2009: A few months ago, Chandra was a very young bird, but now she is a real lady. Because she has changed so much, I have added some new photos of her on her homepage. And I have also added new photos on some other homepages of my birds as well. There are new pictures on Fralie's, Speedy's, Ravi's, and Woodstock's pages.

  • Farewell, dear Torben11/29/2009: I had to say Goodbye again. Today, my beloved little feathered friend Torben passed away. A few weeks ago, he became seriously ill. I fought for his life and at first, the medicine made him feel much better. But today, he was so weak and he suffered from pain, so I decided to bring him to the vet who could do nothing to save Torben's life. My little friend had been put to sleep and it broke my heart to lose this charming and always cheerful little bird. I will miss him so much!

  • 11/22/2009: And again I have published some new pictures in the health section. They show a budgie who suffers from scaly mites, see chapter about this topic and photo gallery. Both photos have been given to me by Sylvia Urbaniak. Thanks, dear Sylvia!

  • Farewell, dear Nik11/20/2009: Sometimes you fight and do everything, but nothing can save the life of your little feathered friend. This is what happened today, I've lost my beloved Nik who became seriously ill a few days ago. He was so charming, so cheerful. I will miss him much!





  • 11/07/2009: There are some new photos in the health chapters of my web project, e. g. in the chapter about the bird's eyes.

  • 10/21/2009: In the chapter about a blood poisoning which can occur in birds, there is a new photo which shows the terrible injury of a budgie. One foot of this bird is dead as you can see in the photo. Thanks to Sylvia for sending this picture to me.

  • 10/17/2009: There is a new - and sad - photo in the chapter about burrowing mites. It shows a budgie who suffers from a severe infestation affecting the beak and the feet. Thank you very much for sending me this photo, Sylvia!

  • 09/27/2009: Today, I have added a much better photo of the Common Whitebeam.

  • 09/19/2009: There is a new picture gallery that shows a mild course of a PBFD infection.

  • 09/12/2009: And again, there are new photos. You can find them in the chapter about Black elder, Cow vetch and Ribwort plantain.

  • 08/30/2009: Today, I have published a new and much better photo in the chapter about Rabit-foot clover, which is a good food for budgies.

  • 08/21/2009: And again I have added some new plant picutes in the chapters about healthy nutrition for budgies. They show blackthorn, black cornus, and rose-hips.

  • 08/01/2009: I have added a new photo to the chapter about the purple coneflower which is a fine food for budgies and other birds.

  • 07/23/2009: Today, I heard a story about a lovebird who lost his lower beak due to a trauma - and the bird somehow survived this because he is still able to eat! This is very remarkable. In the chapter about beak injuries you can find photos of the lovebird.

  • 07/18/2009: There are some new photos in the chapter about cerebral apoplexy.

  • 07/06/2009: Today, I added new photos of a forage plant. They show mugwort and shepherd's purse in detail.

  • 05/21/2009: After a long, long time I finally managed to do some work on my English chapters of this web project. I have included a search option into each and every chapter. Hopefully this will help you to find the things you are looking for.

  • 02/21/2009: Today, I found the time to translate another health chapter. It deals with yeast infections or Candidiasis.

  • 01/31/2009: There are new photos in the chapter which helps bird owners to recognize sick birds.

  • 01/26/2009: Today, I have published some new photos of food parasites in the chapter about this topic.
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